Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A POST!!!!

This is my new organizing system Kevin surprised with on Sunday. We hope to get 2 more in the next couple days. They are kinda a pain for him to put up but he says he doesn't mind. They are awesome and get stuff up off my tables!
This is a my favorite area. All my dies and machines, it is where the real work gets done much quicker now. Kevin has gotten me some awesome programs to use with my die cut machines.

Long time no post! Sorry, busy, busy busy...I think I got bit of Lura's blog block. It is over now!

I have been busy this week. Kevin and I started cleaning out our rooms in the basement. My scrap room was a total disaster! I mean you couldn't walk through it. Well it is organized and beautiful now!! Once we get the rest of the basement cleaned up we are going to clean sweep the upstairs. Once we have done the whole house and it is shiny and organized I am going to reward myself and some of you. I want to have a little scrap weekend. I can fit 4 people comfortable in my room up to about 6 if we want to be cozy! I will get it done as quickly as I can so we can scrap our hearts out!!

ALSO I am bribing myself on another level. I want to lose 33.8 pounds this school year. I have started walking everyday with my friend Kristi, we walk 2 miles every morning. I am also going to go to the gym, hopefully 3 times a week. Eating better and just making better life choices. Well here is the good part...the bribe if you will. At the end of the school year if I have reached my goal I am having a HUGE pool party. You are all invited. If I make my goal everyone I have ever met is invited...okay maybe not gonna go that far. SO keep me accountable people. We want to have a big party right. Amanda asked if there would be cake at our celebration. Of course what better way to celebrate losing the weight! We will play corn hole, games, swim, grill much fun!! Let's hope I can stay motivated. All of you who need motivation think about it, you'll have to wear your swimsuits at my party. We will take lots of pics of our new skin selves!! Let's do this ladies, I know many of you are trying like me. Let's help each other out. Kristi and I are also going to take monthly pics of ourselves wearing the same outfit each month. I will post mine on here...scary but more motivation to lose!


Amanda said...

WOO HOO! I need to get my butt in gear for a pool party! We will be there, especially if there is cake~

I love your scrap room. I wish I lived closer so I could come to the scrap party. :( I am sure it will be fun!

I will be your long distance motivator if you will be mine! GO CHERYL!!!

Char said...

WOW! Amazing room! I want one! haha It looks awesome. I need to get back into scrapbooking again I guess. (((sigh)))
Good luck on the weight loss! I've been working at it too, but some days are easier than others. I hurt my back while lifting weights for strength training and so it makes me mad and frustrated. I have to slow it down a bit so I'll stop straining my back.
Great job on the walking every day! That is great! It's nice to have a friend to walk with.
Hopefully we can make it to your pool party! No guarantee's I'll wear a swim suit tho. ;-)

Carrie said...

Love your scrap room. Very nice! I gave up on scrapping because I can't motivate myself and I don't have the time. I love how you make time for it.

I want to come to your pool party, so keep up the good work!!!!