Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poor Ryan

He was all jokes and giggles before the doctors came in!
His thumb before they touched it, doesn't look so bad??

This face breaks my heart. He was in so much pain, and exhausted from the pain and emotionally distress! Not to mention he put up a good fight!

Today was just horrible! I took Ryan to the Children's Hospital to get his cast. We thought it would be easy, just go in, get the cast and we are done. Well he did more damage to the thumb than we thought. They had to reduce his thumb, basic pull on it and bend it back into shape. They tried to numb him, the needle scared him too death and made him cry. He bled like crazy from the needles, why I have no idea. Then he wasn't even numb. The "reduced" his thumb and sent us for xrays. He was in so much pain he was sick. We get back to the room and they say it isn't right, they had to do it again. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. There is nothing like hearing your baby scream for help when you are holding him down. My heart shattered! They really had to pull it hard and twist to get it into position. When the doctor was done the second time he told Ryan he wouldn't do it again no matter what the xrays showed. He felt horrible. What a job to have to torture small kids everyday, I felt for the guy. By the time he was ready for his cast his thumb was so swollen it didn't even look human. By then I was just holding and trying to comfort my poor baby so no pics of that. We sat for about 45 minutes before getting his cast so it was much better. Ryan choose red, his favorite color, but by then nothing could make him happy. He just wanted to get home! I am so glad this day is over! Let the healing begin. He is actually doing great now!


Amanda said...

That just made my stomach hurt! Poor kid!!! I would not have been able to stand it!! Okay, I would have - that's what mom's do. How awful for you to have to go through to! I am glad that he is doing better and I am happy to see some smiles in pics on FB! Give him big hugs for me!

SamandSawyersMom said...

wow, what a horrible thing for both of you. Samuel's staples were bad for us so I can't imagine.

Carrie said...

That sounds terrible. I hope his thumb is doing better now.

SamandSawyersMom said...

new posty?

Char said...

Yuck! Sorry you and Ryan had to go thru that.
How is it doing now? When does the cast come off?