Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News Update

We have been very busy. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Since then I have shopped a lot. I am almost finished Christmas shopping. Just a few more things to find and a few gift cards to get. I have most everything wrapped. Our trees are up and the outside is decorated. We also made a gingerbread tree and have almost finished our gingerbread house. I will get pics and post them soon.

Good news, they should finish the house tomorrow. I will take pics when they are finished and post them. I am so excited. It is looking so good. Now when I look at the picture I posted last of the house it doesn't look good at all. The white trim really makes it look nice, everything pops. I just love it.

Ryan is doing well in school. He is reading chapter books now and he is very proud of himself. He still doesn't want to read everyday but he is proud of how well he is doing. He gets his report card on Friday.

Kevin's head is nice and healed, now if his pride could just heal. HAHAHA!

Friday we have our pack meeting and Ryan gets to throw a pie in my face! He sold over $700 in popcorn. He was the packs top seller and very excited!! He is very proud of himself, he can't wait to have it announced to the whole pack. Also they get their pinewood derby car kits. That is very exciting for the scouts!

That is about it ladies. I will post pics as soon as I get them all taken and downloaded. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon.



Char said...

That's great you are almost done shopping! We have a ton to do yet. We did get our tree up Monday night.
I'm glad the house is almost done. That's great! I look forward to seeing the pictures.
Way to go Ryan!! That's so exciting when they start really reading. It just boosts their confidence so much. What are his favorite books so far?
Congrats to him also for being the highest seller for popcorn! That's awesome and quite an accomplishment. Have fun with the derby!

Crys said...

Girl, you make me sick being almost done! ugh!

Oh I would love to see him smash that pie in your face!!! ha I hope someone has the camera ready!!!! Good Job on being top seller Ry!!!!

Carrie said...

You sure are busy with getting all the trimmings ready for Christmas!

Great job to Ryan for selling so much popcorn. That is awesome!

can't wait to see the house.

SamandSawyersMom said...

the house looks really good