Tuesday, November 25, 2008

good news and more good news

Well I have lots of good news. We finally got the siding and it finally stopped raining...SO we finally have progress on the house. I took the pics about 2:30pm, there is actually a lot more done now. I will take a new pic in the am. I am so happy!! I love the new color!!

Also while cleaning the family room today I found a baby lizard on the hearth. I couldn't believe it , I started screaming for Ryan to come help me catch it. I got our extra little cage and it took Ry and I forever to catch it but finally we did. I took pics but they aren't very good, he is very very small and moves quickly. the 2nd picture has my blurry pinky in it but you can tell how small he is.

We bought a new Christmas tree on Sunday. I loved my other tree but I hated putting the lights on, so Kev woke up Sunday and said let's go get a pre-lite tree. I love a ton of lights and I am very picky about trees so I never thought we'd find one I loved. Well we did at the 1st store, Garden Ridge. It was on sale for $100 off. We also got a revolving tree stand Ryan loves it. He was surprised when he got home and saw it. It has white lights which I have never liked before but I love the brightness, it has 650 white lights, I also added 400 led colored lights, it is great!!! We haven't decorated it yet, I will post pics once we do. Kevin out up Ryan's tree tonight too, just the tree, it is pre-lit too.

I am almost finished cleaning. Just the huge job of the kitchen and a few other things. I finally got all the shopping done for Thanksgiving. We will be a group of about 15 this year. We are going to have so much yummy stuff, then we will set out all our ads and plan our route!!

I am so ready for the Holidays!!!


Char said...

The house looks great! I'm glad it is finished and before thanksgiving!!!
Your tree sounds awesome. i can't wait to see it. What a neat idea - a revolving tree!

It took me a minute, but I found the baby on the leaf. Wow, very cute! Is it about an inch long or shorter? I can't tell.

Amanda said...

Congratulations on the new addition. It took me awhile too! Have you named it? Colonel Potter is a great name for a lizard. Or maybe Percy.
Your house looks gorgeous! I am so happy that you have it completed for the holidays. You will have to post pictures of how it looks with the exterior Christmas decorations!
I would also love to see a pic of the new tree.
You are full of good news! Has Kevin gotten his stitches out yet?
Oh, tell him that he should recieve mail early next week! hee hee hee

SamandSawyersMom said...

We bought a brand new large tree 3 Christmas' ago adn ti was a revolving tree as well. It was MArtha Stewart form K mart. We can't use it since we have daycare but we still love it. It is fun watching them.

Love the look of the house.

Crys said...

OH the house looks great! I bet you are happy it's done! That lizard blends right in with the leaves! ha

Lura said...

House looks nice! Cute little lizard.

Carrie said...

Your house looks great. That Gary guy you hired does a pretty good job...:)

It took me a few minutes to see the lizard. He's cute!