Sunday, November 16, 2008

these are the days...

of our lives. ryan came home from school the other day and said he wanted to play lacrosse when he gets in 5th grade. i said okay, it sounded like a good idea. they came to school and told them all about it. well on Friday we find out they can sign up as early as kindergarten. so went saturday and signed him up. he is so excited. i on the other hand didn't realize how rough the game is. oh well he is excited and we wanted him to play a sport. i think he likes the idea of the helmet and the stick. it will be an expensive sport, but if he loves it and continues with it it will be great.

i have so much to do this week. i have to clean my whole house and get it ready for Thanksgiving. the problem is i have hurt my back again and i'm in a ton of pain if i am on my feet. oh well, it must get done.

ryan has a cold but is being so good about taking his disgusting medicine! hopefully he feels better soon. he is finally reading chapter books, he has been able to for a long time but has alway taken the easy way out and read picture books every night. we got lots of books from the book sale and he is doing really well.

kevin has been working on lots of little projects. he got a floor put down in the garage attic so we can store stuff up there. and he scrubbed one of the bathrooms for me tonight, what a wonderful hubby!

i am tired i planned to sleep in today while ryan was at church with mom, well he didn't go. he had 6 friends running around the house by 11am this morning. they sounded like a herd of elephants but he had fun. they destroyed his room so now i have that to add to my list.

we need to start another game or something on here, i will try to think of something good. maybe a photo scavenger hunt?? so no one can cheat you have to take the pics yourself! oh i am liking that idea...everyone had a digital camera right?

when i finish my 53rd book tonight i am going to start Twlight so i can see the movie! i can't wait to read it after EVERYONE has talked about it.

ciao ladies! have a great week


Amy said...

Lacrosse does look pretty rough! Good for Ryan for wanting to play though. It looks like a fun sport! I hope you like Twilight - I LOVED it! I'm thinking about reading it again before going to see the movie.

Char said...

Wow! Lacrosse will be lots of fun for Ryan! I hope he likes it and does well. All of those sports like that are expensive - hockey, football - the ones that require lots of pads and other equipment. Ugh!

I hope you get your cleaning done. I'm sorry you have a sore back. That is for sure the worst pain because it's so hard to do anything. Hope Ry's cold gets better soon.

Those little projects are fun to do. It's nice to have handy husbands, isn't it?!!

I like the game idea. I'm open to anything. We could all swear NOT to cheat? Think it'd work?

Crys said...

oh a long! I love it! Sorry about your backy did you hurt it?? Aww, that's sooo cool that Ry gets to play lacrosse........girl you know I am a gasper and could never watch my baby play something like that......good luck! ha ha Make sure he wears a cup so you can get your grandbabies!

More storage is always nice!!! You go Kevin!

Yeah, we did a picture game like that once and it was fun! Let's do it!

Carrie said...

Lacrosse will be a fun sport for him. Good for him. I hope he enjoys it!

Sorry your back is hurt. I hope it feels better for you to do all the things you need done.

We're going to see Twilight! We were going to see it next week, but I think I want to see it this weekend. YAY!

Amanda said...

Ouch! Sorry about the back.
I am glad that Ryan is good about medicine. Does he have the elephant smell like Crystal had?
You should spend more time reading and less time playing pathwords! I can't beat you!
I hope that you have a restful night. Put your feet up, read a good book and relax your back!!!

Your favorite cousin/sister-in-law (it's not what it sounds like, people)... said...

Hey! I just got off the phone with my dad (I'd been trying to get in touch with one of my parents since you called...) and they said that they would love to come to Thanksgiving if they are invited. Aaron and I will be there, of course. I'll call you Tomorrow (Tues.) with details, but I just wanted to let you know ASAP. :)

SamandSawyersMom said...

Uncle Adam will be happy. I am sure he will help him learn how to play.

Char said...

Are there other days you would like to talk about? ;)

I hope your cleaning is going well and your back is feeling better. That's a tough thing to do when your back aches. Cleaning MAKES my back ache!

Have you seen GH lately? Whoa!