Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello ladies! I finished my 50th book last night!! Yay me! I still have a month and a half in the year and I have hit my goal.

Unfortunately we have hit a snag on the house. The siding didn't come in on Monday like it was suppose to. now they are saying not until the 20th! That stinks, it won't be done by Thanksgiving, oh well it will be done by Christmas. I will post more when something happens.

We had parent teacher conferences this past week. Ryan is doing very well. In fact his teacher said he is a DELIGHT. I want to know where the delight is when he is at home! I'm glad he is doing well in school. they had a big celebration for veteran's day today. they had 27 veteran's there, the kids sang songs to them and it was so sweet and touching. I just love Ryan's school. They sang about country and God. The veteran's were very touched.

I saw Twilight is coming out as a movie. I need to buy the book so I can read it before the movie comes out. Everyone has read it and loved it. I love vampire books anyway.

I am getting excited to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I have some Christmas shopping done but not a lot. I am really cutting back this year. I really am, I'm not just saying it this year. I got Ryan some great books at his school book fair, which I have been working at everyday this week.

guess that's it. talk at ya later.ciao


Crys said...

Yeah, putting the book fair before scrabble........hmmm, I see where your priorities are young lady and Im not likin it! ha

I swear I have never heard of anyone having anything done on their house regardless of who does the work or where you order the supplies from.........there is ALWAYS a snag of some sort! Sometimes BIG and sometimes small. I can't wait to see the finished product!


Crys said...

Oh and just what is your idea of cutting back on Christmas??? Only buying 50 gifts this year??? ha ha

Char said...

Wow! That is awesome you finished your 50th book! Congrats!

Sorry about the siding. :(

I'm glad Ryan is a delight! Maybe he saves up all his ornariness for you at home? Don't you feel special now? hehe ;( His school sounds awesome. I would love to work at the school book fair!
Twilight does look really good. I like vampire movies - believe it or not.
We go shopping the day after thanksgiving too. It's so much fun.

Amanda said...

De light is usually on de ceiling! ha ha ha ha ha

I have never met him and I could tell you what a great kid Ryan is. I love hearing about him and looking at pictures.

I would have been in trouble working at the book fair! I love books.

Yay you! 50 books!!! I have to add mine up. I have read over 20 since mid September! And I'm not talking kids books either. :) Reading has been my stress buster since moving in here.

I played in Scrabble.....why haven't you? I am having such trouble getting it to work on my mom's computer. I will be a much better opponant when I move!!!

Have a great day. Love ya!

SamandSawyersMom said...

yeah every house seems to get snagged up! We got our house appraised for damage today so we will be having our roof done soon.

The families i work for say the same thing when I use words to describe their child. Where is that child you speak of?? HA.

I started cutting back a couple of years ago and it is not fun the way some people treat ya for it...others get it fine. I bought all of Sammy's gifts already except one or 2 things at the bible book store. I cut again!

I am almost done with everyone's gifts. We do mostly money now it seems with buying dad gift certificates and mom money for Disney.

Carrie said...

Sorry about the siding. That stinks.

I can't wait to see Twilight. The book is so good (all 4 of them). Matt is taking me to see the movie the day before Thanksgiving. I am so excited!

Amy said...

I posted a comment the other day but it's not showing up!?!?!? Anyway, I'm close to you on the book thing - I think I'm at 40 or so! I've slowed down alot on my reading over the last month though, so I don't think I'll hit 50 this year. I can't wait to see Twilight - I loved the book and I hope the movie does it justice!