Friday, November 9, 2007

More Stuff

We went to parent teacher conferences last night. Ryan is doing well, he just needs to practice reading out loud. They had all kinds of stuff they made hanging up, it was all very cute. Ryan was excited for Daddy to his classroom.

The other day Ryan got his first check from Kidzeye, so he opened his own savings account. He is very proud of his $15.00. Now every time he even finds a penny he wants to put it in his account. I guess I should be glad he wants to save it.

I have a horrible headache all of a sudden so I am going to lay down in the dark. Notice I didn't say quiet, Ryan and Nick are playing one of Ryan's CDs and dancing in the familyroom. They are too cute to stop no matter how bad my head hurts. Ry wants to start reading to Nick so that is good. OH my now they are singing! Too cute, I may have to find the video camera.

We have no big plans for the weekend. I plan to work on Ryan's room some more and I have to find my wrapped Aquadots to return. There is Lowe's in the morning but other than that nothing. Have a good weekend ladies. Oh now I found out one of Ryan's Curious Geroges was recalled. he is getting pretty mad at losing his toys. I had to tell him about the Aquadots because he wanted them so badly. OH well...chow.


Teri said...

Yeah, I read about that little girl that was in a coma for 6 hours because of aqua dots. Scary stuff.

Crys said...

Why were the Curious George's recalled?? I'm glad Ry is doing well! Daws always loves when his dad see his classroom too.

Daws has to read an assigned story out loud to us twice as homework and then we have to sign the slip to say he read it to us. Maybe Ry can read you a bedtime story every night or something. That would be fun.

Amanda said...

I hope your headache is better. That really stinks. Especially when there is no quiet, regardless of how cute the noise is! :)

The aqua dots looked cool. Sorry he keeps getting disappointed!

Good job with school Ryan. I love parent teacher conferences.

Mom2samandsawyer said...

yeah it so unfair that you don't even get your money back unless they are new like yours.

kellerie's world said...

you don't get your money back???? that's so not fair!

we haven't returned the aquadots yet. i hid them in the closet, but i know he'll be looking for them soon. he absolutely loves them.

i think our cat ate some, but she seems to be okay, and it's been over a week now.

Carrie said...

Thats great Ryan is doing so well in school!

I hope your head is feeling better. Headaches are horrible.

Amanda said...

Is your headache keeping you from making a new post?? :)

Crys said...

Yeah, what is the deal with you never posting anymore huh????