Friday, March 7, 2008

Here Comes the Snow

How exciting! Lots and lots of snow. Ryan is so excited. We bought some snow toys at Target on clearance and he was afraid he wouldn't get to use them. He is going to get to now. He has a 2 hour early dismissal. I am a little nervous about that, because the snow is really coming down and I hate to drive in the snow. So in 4 hours there could be a lot of snow out there. Who knows, we'll see.

We had parent teacher conferences yesterday. It went very well. Ryan is doing very well, he has moved up about 5 levels in reading. He is doing sooooo well. We were very excited. We now are going to work on doing his math and writing sentences faster. They time them on everything in first grade. I would freak out!

My dogs seem to be nuts. Ok that is nothing unusually but they are even more nuts than usual. The snow makes Violet so energetic, not a good thing for those around her. Poor Mira has to defend herself all day and they drive me nuts. I can't wait for Ryan to get home so he can run off her energy.

One more thought for today. It amazes me that a family of 3 can destroy a living room and kitchen so quickly and so often. Seriously people I straighten the living room and vacuum everyday and the very next morning, it is all destroyed!! It is just crazy. Dishes, socks, dog toys, boy toys....just crazy!!! hair everywhere...

Ok, I am babbling! I must go now. Have a wonderful snowy day!!!


Anonymous said...

Yea SNOW DAY, I like snow but I have,t gotten any sleep with all the phone calls. Normally I don't take a phone upstairs when I sleep but with the snow I did. Julia called two or three times and David's school called then David called. And the other calls that come in during the day. Well Iup now waiting for my family to get home They are both on the way and I couldn't sleep until they get here. I'm babbaling too ByeBye Dad

Crys said...

Daws had a snow day too!!! They closed his school before there was any snow on the ground! ha ha

That's awesome that Ry is doing well in school.....that's something we take seriously too, I can't stand it when my kids aren't doing well!

Klesky gets nuts in the snow too! He loves it.

I think that living room issue amazes everyone in America!!!! ha ha

Carrie said...

I hope you got Ryan from school okay. I hate driving in it too.

Girlfriend, I hear ya about cleaning up a family room everyday. Olivia is a walking/talking tornado these days and some days I just give up and say "who cares"! Now that is CRAZY coming from me!