Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Weekend and Week to come

okay so here is a quick over view of our weekend. on friday, my birthday dad came and took me to breakfast, we went to IHOP, not good for the diet but great for the soul!! friday when kev got home from work, ry and kev gave me my presents. i got wonderful scrapbooking things and a special spatula for my stand mixer and a picture of my last gift. it is an amazing classics piece of figment, my favorite character from disney world. it will come as soon as it actually comes out at the end of the month. later dad, julia and david came over oh and mom. we had pizza and bread sticks for dinner, from larosa's yummy!! then cake and ice cream. i had cake but no ice cream. i think i put on a pound from being so bad on friday but hey it was my birthday.

saturday we kinda laid around then we went to long horns for my birthday dinner. oh it was so good. and i was so bad again. i had gotten a e-mail for a free birthday dessert, so of course i had a brownie sundae. well kev and i shared it.

sunday i have laid around all day. i started my 16th novel for the year.

this week other than just general house stuff, i have a lot to do. i have lots of sewing and embroidering to do. but first i have to try and put together my sewing area after the basement flood. i have lots or errands to do to start planning ry's birthday party. plus i have gone through lots of books to take to half priced books and trade in. plus tons of ry's toys i want to list on craig's list. i will be a busy girl this week.


Crys said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! Don't feel guilty for cheating on your birthday, you are supposed to! ha

So, what's the theme for Ry's birthday party this year??? Are redheads invited this year!? SM

Carrie said...

Your birthday sounds like it was lovely. You're supposed to have your cake and eat it too...its your birthday!

Have fun doing your many tasks this week!

Mom2samandsawyer said...

yeah was is ryan into this year?

cake sounds so yummy about now. as i finish my

Cheryl said...

Unfortunately he has chosen Harry Potter which i had to get off ebay because no one has it now. I wanted to do pirates, I had so many good ideas. we were going to make treasure chest and have a treasure hunt...oh well. i have to put my thinking cap on for this one!!