Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nothing Much

I am going to post but I have nothing really to post about. We found out a few days ago that a little boy from Ryan's class lives down the street. His parents we're thrilled to find out where we lived. Ryan has been playing with Kyle the last couple of days. They have a lot in common. Kyle has 3 dogs, one is a crazy golden like our Violet. They both have X-BOX. They play baseball and today even played with Nick. Ryan also went down to Kyle's house. That is a huge step for Ryan. Actually I am happy to say that Ryan shows no signs of the anxiety anymore. He spent all of Saturday with my mom, out of the house. He has no problems with school or anything anymore. We are so happy. He really started making the changes in Disney. He would go to get a straw or ketchup without us. He is showing all the independence he use to have.

We have been cooking the last few nights. I love it because Kev does all the cooking. There aren't many dishes so it is quick and easy. I made some yummy chocolate cookies in my new convection oven.

I spent the day working on stuff for our school carnival. We had to stuff envelopes at school for a few hours, and I am making all the signs. I am also in charge of the prizes. The festival was great last year, though I didn't have much to do with it last year. I am also making a scrapbook basket for our silent auction. This David is being on of our volunteers, to get credit hours for school. It should be a lot of fun again. It is a good fundraiser for the school and a good price for a family fun night. You pay $25. and get a large pizza, 4 cookies, 4 drinks, popcorn and 2 game wrist bands. Not bad for dinner and a night out for a whole family. Of course I spent a ton of money on the basket raffle. It was really a good night. Sonya and Mom went with us last year.

Well that is it...I have nothing else. so sorry.


Char said...

OH that is so great for Ryan, and for you!! Yeah!!
It sounds like your oven is working great. :)
The carnival sounds wonderful! We'd go for that price and for fun and games. :) I'm sure it'll go great! Post pictures of it!

Char said...

OH and how is the Dr. Pepper supply? haha! Pace yourself, pace yourself... :)

Crys said...

That was alot to say girlfriend! ha ha

That's wonderful about Ryan! I am soo happy for you and for him, I bet that feels great.

Oh and it's wonderful when they actually have friends in the neighborhood to play with, that will make him even more independent! Daws is always outside playing with all of his friends from the moment he gets home from school until it gets dark! He loves it and it's sooo good for them!

That carnival sounds awesome!!! Wow, you sure do alot for his school! Good for you!

Mom2samandsawyer said...

That was a great carnival last year. remember that line to get in? goodness me.

On Saturday, Ryan wanted to ride with me before mom joined our car. He did need mom right beside him (besides the car ride) but he did really well without you. He is still so loveable to me.

Teri said...

Good for Ryan.I`m sure it`s a weight lifted off your shoulders.
You busy, busy girl.

Cheryl said...

We changed the way people get in this year. I already have our wristbands and stuff, so you won't have to wait in line if you prepay.

Carrie said...

Good for Ryan for being so independent.

The carnival sounds alot of fun. I always loved going to our school carnivals.

Pack Rat Papa said...

Hey I just clicked to make a comment and there was a faint music in the room all of a sudden then I turned up the music and it was wish up on a star, David got our speakers working the other night and I had never heard your theme music