Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have been baking for 2 days! I have over 10 dozen peanut butter kiss cookies, 8 dozen peanut butter cup cookies and I can't even imagine how many sugar cookies. We still have to decorate all the sugar cookies but everything else is baked. A lot are eaten already. We are going to make little containers for teachers and neighbors. Yummy! I will post pictures once Ryan decorates the sugar cookies.

I am getting even more excited for Christmas. Ryan is going to be so excited. He is getting so many things he wants so badly! He is getting stuff he'd never expect. I just can't wait to see him open everything.

I think Ryan is going to finally get to meet Jada, Bethany and Aaron's dog, he is so excited. he loves Adie and can't wait to play with Jada. Bethany's brothers are coming into town, I can't wait to see them and Miss Gina! They are so fun. We always have so much fun with family over the Holidays. Kevin is off the whole time Ryan is so we have tons of time for fun things and visiting.

Well I must be off to bed. 2 more days of getting up early! Then we can sleep in for a week or so. YAY!! have a wonderful day ladies! Oh and Dad. Night night.


Teri said...

Autumn asked for 3 specific things and they`re all resonable prices, of course, she`ll get more than that because her dad doesn`t know where the limits are at Christmas.Justin is in to the spygear and science stuff.Then there are teenagers to buy for...

I can not wait to see the cookies.

Pack Rat Papa said...


carrie said...

All your cookies sound so good! I wish I had the time to bake so many things! Maybe when Matt's off next week I can bake some!

Char said...

I'm glad you are baking! I can't wait to see the pictures.
I hope you have a great time with your family this Christmas!!