Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Wednesday

Well happy snowy Wednesday people!! We had a 2 hours delay today, Ryan loved it. he played in the snow with Nick before school. Now he and Nick and a boy from Ryan's class, Kyle are playing outside now. I just love snow. Now it feels even more Christmasy!! I just can't wait, I can't believe it is still 20 days away. I am so ready. I have even been doing other people's shopping and wrapping. I just love all things about this season. I want to find a live manger scene to take Ryan too. He'd love that. Boy, I am just babbling on. I added some silly pictures of our dogs, just for a little smile. Have a magical day!!


Crys said...

I love the Christmas season too.....all the love, family, friends and celebrating Jesus' birth and watching all the kids get excited by the lights, gifts, Santa, reindeer and the spirit of giving!!! It's all sooo wonderful, fun and heartwarming!

Those pics are adorable!

Carrie said...

Your dogs look so adorable!

I LOVE the season too and your right, the snow makes it even better! Its amazing how much cheer and love are around this time of year... its all due to the birth of Jesus!

Amanda said...

We have lot of snow and were on a 2 hour delay here too! It has started again, the big, fluffy flakes... I love winter! I can't wait for Christmas....

Your dogs are so cute!

Char said...

The pictures are cute! I love the on the right, with her head resting on the chair. haha!

I too love Christmas time. It is cheery. The snow makes it feel so much more like Christmas.

We still had school today! ;) haha! There were some school closings though and kids got out early if they had school.